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Philosophy Statement:

  • At The Joshua Center, we are in the business of helping people find healing, change, growth, and wholeness in their lives and relationships. While spirituality is a priority at our Center, it is also important to us that you know we are very respectful of autonomy and encourage our clients to set their own goals, without the imposition of our values. We may use many sources to achieve those goals including various styles of therapy, education, coaching, and groups.

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Do we accept Insurance?

We offer and EAP through Summit County Government. Although we are not on insurance panels currently, we will provide insurance claims form for you to submit.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are 50 mins long. Your first session is an intake, which at times may take longer.

Do we only see Christians?

No, we provide services to people of all beliefs, faiths and backgrounds.

Do we provide Christian counseling?

Yes, we are both counselors who are Christians and are able to provide Biblically based counseling.

We have a Marriage Group starting in Jan. 2018!

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Individual Sessions.

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